Summer’s last Hurrah!

August, summer’s last hurrah!! Sultry, Steamy, Sticky, Sweltering Summer. It seems to scream that it doesn’t want to end but being aware that September brings in fall, with its cooler temperatures, summer revels in this last few weeks before it goes.

My hydrangeas gave up their beautiful blue flowers and decided that green will simply have to do this year, even my tough marigolds wilted, angry at the sun.  Blueberries, tomatoes and corn, however, seemed to enjoy the extra sun and they gave us an abundance of plump, juicy, sweet fruit. Now, the tomatoes are weary from the blistering temperatures. The small family swimming pool seems lonely. Its glistening water, welcomed us everyday throughout most of the spring and summer. This morning it’s not so inviting, more like a bathtub full of balmy water.

So, this morning when I peeked meekly out of my cool, air conditioned kitchen door, I expected to be smacked in the face by the scalding air and was momentarily stilled…

caught off guard by the magical morning starring back at me. It is 100 degrees in the shade, to hot to do much of anything…anything except… perhaps to celebrate God’s enchanting August morning. Hummingbirds winging by, quick as light, like little angels checking in every few moments, and birds singing various songs that I am certain are praises to God, cicadas chirping as though they actually enjoy this heat, bees buzzing, in a hurry to gather their life giving pollen before the suns heat batters down more than they can bear. Nature’s glorious symphony, passionate simply because they exist. They resonate with the excitement of life! Yes even in 100 degree weather.

I bow my head and said my own thankful prayer to GOD for summer’s bounty, her beauty and even her demanding heat.

Recipe for Old Fashion Lemonade

  • Boil 2 cups of sugar with 1 cup of water and the rinds of 3 lemons, cut in strips for 5 minutes.
  • Let syrup cool, then add the juice from 8 lemons.
  • Strain and store in a covered dish in the refrigerator.
  • Use 2 tablespoons of syrup for every glass of ice water.

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