The blessing of a summer storm

At the end of a sweltering summer day, at the end of a dry and rain-less summer season, this August day begged for rain. Day after day clouds would roll in, they’d billow and blow around with thunder threatening and teasing. Distant skies puttng on a tormenting light show. However, its all just a show, taunting and threatening to offer some warm summer showers then moving away before giving up even a single drop of reprieve from the hot dry heat.

The grass as crunchy as corn flakes under my bare feet, the chickens cool off as best as they can in a dry and dusty sand bath under the trees. They cackle and fussed over who would bathe next. Glorious sunflowers have hung their heads and died, their beauty faded like an old lady, once elegant and tall; stunning and beautiful, now dried and withered, her beauty both a sweet memory and a hopeful promise for next summers blooms, the offspring of this now withered stalk. Even the bees retreat to their hives, moving slowly around their honey making home. Maybe they are praying for the sky to release her overflowing clouds to us. The trees begin to give up the leaves they can no longer sustain and like an autumn day her leaves flutter to the ground.

Then. One great big ole rain drop on my cheek. A loud clap of thunder announcing whats to come and before I could move to the porch the sky openes up and shares her joy with us. Joy, falling to the thirsty ground who quickly drank it up, birds came out of hiding, the trees seeming to reach up towards the sky, offering thanks I suspect.

GOD put on a show this afternoon, lighting up the sky, loudly proclaiming his glory with the roaring thunder, and ending with an amazing grand finaly…GOD took his fingers and ran his magically colored rainbow all across the sky. A reminder. A promise.

I’m so grateful for the sweet blessings of a sweet summer storm. It’s evening now and the thunder still rolls off in the distance, but to tomorrow morning when I step outside the grass will be soft and quietly growing beneath my feet, and everything will be greener, the air will be cleaner. What a blessing is a summer storm.


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