Have you ever noticed those very subtle differences between the dawn of a new morning and and dusk ushering us into the night.

The amount of light is perhaps the same, and the magical array of colors of the sunrise and sunset can be very much the same.

I think the real differences are in the sounds; the birds,  the wind, and even the smell of the days differs from those at night.

How often, I wonder are we truly aware, have you ever stopped and listened ? Can you tell the exact time when night gives way to the morning light of a brand new day? Or have you ever paid attention when the day finally gives up to sleep and lets the night become again?

I’ll bet you could, if you stopped to listen and smell the life all around us. Because when GOD flips that night/day switch, all life shifts and the earth awakens with the singing birds until that twilight moment occurs and suddenly, the birds who have sang praises to GOD throughout their day become very quiet and the beautiful symphony of crickets rules the night.


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