Nocturnal enchantment 

2am on a Friday morn, sleep eludes me and my yellow porch swing in the backyard beckons for my company. 

It’s January in Georgia. Normally it would not be advisable to stick even a little toe out in the night air for fear of the winters icy touch.

Tonight however is not a typical January night. The air is uncharacteristically warm, 60 degrees with a delightfully bright and very full moon shining down on the earth. Glowing through the trees. Quiet. Misty. While the world dreams I bow my head, grateful for such a unexpected gift. It’s so serene and peaceful. “be still and know that I am GOD” runs through my head.

Then the stillness is broken by the distance yapping of coyotes. As if on cue shadows suddenly dance across the yard and a light breeze feathers across my face, making piles of leaves rise up in a dance. 

The night is quiet once again.  The stars twinkle brightly in the night sky and the world sleeps. They can only dream about the magic I’m privy to this night and I can’t help but to be grateful for so wonderful a GOD who offers such quiet beauty. Even when so few are awake to witness a moment so sublime. 

I’m glad GOD kept me awake for this nocturnal enchantment, secretly sneaking through our world while most of us slumber.


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