Tonight when I was driving home from work I beheld a fabulously orange moon against a smokey black sky. It was a wonder to behold, it seemed that I was graced with a tender kiss from our almighty GOD.

I was weary from a very difficult day filled with people being unkind to each other and that gorgeous moon was a healing ointment on my battered and heartbroken soul. In a heartbeat the woes of my day simply vanished and I was restored. 

It made me wonder how often in a day do we miss the gifts lovingly offered to us simply because we are busy trying to exists in this troubled world. 

God’s gifts surround us and they are abundant. If we paid a little more attention to these God given blessings our hearts couldn’t help overflowing with peace and joy.

Kisses from GOD?…rainbows, sunrises, sunsets, full moons in various stages and colors, sudden rain on a sweltering hot summer day, the sound of crickets and cicadas on a spring evening, dew that sparkles like diamonds early in the morning and the feel of that dew on your bare feet…red orange and yellow trees shimmering on a fall afternoon, the glow of morning just before sunrise, a baby’s sweet laughter as they discover.  How can I be anything but thankful?  After all, to have a GOD who loves us enough to sprinkle GOD kisses throughout our lives everyday should make each of us feel cherished, joyful and oh so grateful.



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