Day One

Today is day one, or so it would seem, for the online boutique my daughter and I have dreamed of, worked for and prayed very hard to make happen. We named it “Open Windowz Boutique” A dream with a mission to allow us to reclaim our lives to some degree…someday in the not to distant future.

You see the world around us is spinning so fast that it feels out of control. Making the simple raising and loving of our families feel like an unaffordable luxury. We get up each morning and race as fast as we can throughout our days, just trying to stay afloat. From that first morning alarm that drags us from our exhausted dreams into the crazy morning hustle to get to school (oops, no time for breakfast) and work. Learn, learn, learn. Work, work, work. Then the mad rush home to homework, maybe a quick snack, then comes dinner, bathtime and oh my, its time to hurry off to bed so we won’t be too tired to do it all again tomorrow. Heaven only knows how we survive ball season and/or a holiday.

There simply isnt enough time to actually live and love and enjoy this precious gift of life the good Lord has blessed us with. Like I said earlier, it feels out of control.

I read a quote recently that said “If you don’t like where you are in life, MOVE, you aren’t a tree”


We continue to work hard and pray harder for a way to slow our world down, even if it’s just a bit, so we can find time for a afternoon walk, or storytime that the grandchildren actually enjoy listening to. Maybe time to stop and listen to each other’s hopes and dreams in a way that encourages the young ones to believe in their dreams and experience a little childhood magic again. I want to see my grandchildren get really super dirty from playing outside. I want to have time to bake and create and love and live more deeply and since “we are not trees”, my daughter and I decided to make some moves to help propell our lives in the right direction. Bringing us to Day One on this life reclaiming adventure.

My daughter and I created Open Windowz Boutique loaded with fun and fabulous jewelry, a little bit of make-up, precious baby items, western wear and hand crafted items to support this very ununique dream.

And just so you know, we both feel honored and blessed every single time someone visits or purchases something from this prayerful endeavor.

Thank you most sincerely.

Sheril and Whitney


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