The Prayer Cross

Earlier this week my daughter Whitney and I offered a very special gift from our new web based business, OPEN WINDOWZ BOUTIQUE. We presented a “like and share” Facebook drawing and one very lucky customer won a very special hand-made prayer cross.

Several months ago, I became frustrated and  somewhat convicted over my prayer lists.  So often during a day, I would come across a customer or a Facebook friend who needed my prayers and I would offer those prayers with a well-meaning heart. However, very often by the time I got home I had forgotten the names of who I promised to pray for or I had told so many folks on Facebook that I would pray for that I often would feel overwhelmed at the daunting list to try to remember . I tried journals and lists and nothing was consistently helpful.  While I am very certain that God still honored my hearts request to love and care for those whose names I had forgotten, I still felt like I was not completely honoring what I had committed to do.

So knowing my heart, my dearest friend found a handcrafted prayer cross and sent a picture to my husband that she thought I would like and within a few days I came home to this beautiful surprise from my amazing husband. The original picture was quiet different from the one my husband made with so much love and thought. He had added a wonderful scripture and each of the nails on the cross was painted red to symbolize Jesus’ blood. I can’t look at it without my heart breaking for my precious Jesus on that cross.

I originally thought I would simply hang it up in our home as decor, however, I soon began placing sticky notes on the prayer cross to remind me of those who I had committed to pray for. I placed it just inside my bedroom door, so I would see it every time I walked out of my bedroom and every time I walked by it I said a prayer. Often, I would stop and place my hand on the cross with reverence and pray deeper prayers.  When I told friends or family that they were on my prayer cross it seemed to comfort them in a way that me telling them I would pray for them did not.  Today I have folks asking me to add them to my prayer cross…and of course, I do. And both my husband and myself have been amazed to see the results of the prayers we pray around that prayer cross. Some weeks I can almost remove all of my sticky notes because GOD has lovingly touched every single person in some way.

It was such a wonderful prayer tool that we decided to offer it on our website so that others might benefit from it as a prayer reminder.  I hope a prayer cross can touch your lives as it has ours.cross_1024x1024

I have some other ideas around the prayer cross that will be coming soon, so stay tuned.




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