10 things you may not know about us…

My daughter Whitney and I started our online Boutique business while I was still working in a retail job for a large wireless company. Whitney was doing the stay at home mommy job with 3 boys under 10 and a new baby princess. I worked long days on my feet, often getting yelled at for things I had absolutely no control over. Retail is a very tough business in today’s world. However, I know from experience that Whitney’s job was much more difficult than mine. So we decided to redesign our lives just a little…and started our little online Boutique called Open Windowz Boutique.

A few months later we have a bunch of new friends that we call customers! We love you by the way!!!

I thought it might be fun to share some interesting facts about US…

1. My husband and I have 6 children, 9 grandchildren, 2 Great Pyrenees Dogs and a Bulldog Puppy, a cat, 12 chickens and 2 goats and they all live and play peacefully in the same back yard. Well,except for the Bulldog, she’s trying to learn not to bully the chickens. 🐣IMG_6817


2. Whitney is a phenomenal photographer. You’ll find some of her work for sale in our Made with Love section of the boutique.  Check out “Shine Down on Me

3. Whitney came up with the Open Windowz name during her morning devotion time with GOD. Open Windows in the Bible were significant of hope for the future. i.e. the window in Noah’s Ark.

4. In all fairness, my marketing minded hubby added the z on the end of Open Windowz, just to give us some zazz!

5. We often work outside on my screened porch while the grandchildren play in the pool..or sometimes we work in the middle of my granddaughter’s toys.IMG_6818

6. We are still growing into who Open Windowz Boutique is meant to be.

7. We are crazy excited like children at Christmas when new products arrive.


9. We often have to take a break and have a dance party in the middle of our work day!

10. We are both more grateful than we could ever express for every single sale we get. Our phones make a “Cha Ching” sound when we get a new sale a we do a “happy dance” every single time and I hope it stays that way!!!
Thank You Customers/Friends

Sheril and Whitney


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